Welcome to Top Guest Posting Services. What we want to establish trough our website is very simple, and in the next lines we will explain it very well.

After many Google updates that probably many companies were expecting , a lot of business crashed, lost their ranks, traffic, got banned, penalized. This was something inevitable because many companies were doing a lot of Spam.

And the two Google updates, Penguin and Panda hit also companies who were accepting  Spam. So now the SEO was basically reconfigured so as to be safe on Google, and to have a safe image you need to follow the rules.

What that means exactly !? Well it`s very simple. From all the SEO tactics and strategies that were established a few months ago, now only Guest Posting is safe and will be forever. You probably wonder why!? Well a Guest Post usually can be written on high quality websites with Domain Authority 30+ and that means:

1. Themed one way back-links from authority websites
2. Targeted Traffic
3. Increases in Search Engines Positions for your site
4. More visitors and sales

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That’s a safe place where you can place your link, into a 100% Unique article, Perfect Setup, No Grammar Errors, having 550-660+ words.That’s what Guest Posting is about, strong sites with high valuable content written, and unique C Class sites.

Hope you watched Matt Cutts video and saw exactly what`s the idea of Guest Posting, Quality not Quantity. Also if people will start to chase blogs like they did with the article directories in the past and submit there spanned articles with no value for the readers, websites will get in the same position and will get penalized. It`s a very obvious signal that Google is sending to small, medium and big business, and more or less its about Quality, and doing something unique, something awesome, for big audience, and that’s what we do the Best!

Hope that our presentation was interesting, transparent and this way you will be able to understand the benefit of Guest Posting Services. Our Company will offer you assistance during the work, by phone or email, and we do hope that our cooperation will be a win-win situation.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford